All Clean wall fabric cleaning in New York City, Greenwich, Westchester, The Hamptons

All Clean’s Wall Fabric Cleaning

Wall fabrics add elegance, style, and character to your space. Like anything else, overtime your wall coverings can become discolored due to dirt, dust, stains, oils, and fingerprints. Wall fabric cleaning will help keep your wall fabric looking beautiful and extend the life of the covering by removing those unsightly dust, dirt, and stains from the fabric.

Cleaning your wall fabric is best left to the professionals who can take the care and proper techniques to ensure optimal results. Our certified wall fabric cleaning technicians are trained to properly assess and treat the fabric and make it look new again. Our technicians will always do a pre-inspection to determine the proper cleaning method needed so the textiles will be cleaned most effectively, including the most delicate silks. Pre-spot cleaning for any stains, if necessary, will be handled with care based on the stain and the fabric.

The frequency of wall fabric cleaning will be determined based on the type of use the room receives. For example, a formal living room that is used only occasionally should be cleaned every three years, while a dining room used more frequently should be cleaned every one to two years. If you notice spots or stains on the wall fabric, these should be professionally cleaned in order to maintain overall appearance.

Protect your wall fabric with Fiber-Shield®

In addition to regular cleaning of your wall fabrics, All Clean recommends an application of Fiber-Shield® fabric protectant in order to resist everyday wear, soil, and stains. This will extend the usability of your wall fabric as well as making future cleaning more effective. All Clean can apply Fiber-Shield® to all fine fabrics (cotton, velvet, wool, silk, leather), and all wall fabric.

Fiber-Shield® is a must for any new wall fabric application to further the longevity and beauty of your investment. Once applied, you will see how future wall fabric cleaning will be more effective. Fiber-Shield® provides deep-down protection on each and every fiber with no color change to the fabric. Fiber-Shield® will not wear off, this is protection that really lasts… Treated fibers and fabrics will also demonstrate improved abrasion resistance (wear). Fiber-Shield® is a protection system that really works!

The All Clean difference!

All Clean’s wall fabric cleaning service is unique. We provide a package, you open it and we pop out and put your concerns at ease. You purchase – we educate you, then protect, treat, and maintain your textiles with care and respect. We must live up to our reputation and we do. Some of our lingo is ‘Did you know?’ and ‘The hard facts on soft textiles’. That’s the All Clean’s Difference!

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