All Clean outdoor patio furniture cushions cleaning

All Clean Patio Furniture Cushion and Fabric Cleaning

Your outdoor patio furniture is the pride and joy of your patio setting. There is nothing like a spending a great evening with good friends and family members during the summer months enjoying the joy and comforts of your outdoor patio furniture. Whether it is wicker, wood, aluminum, cast iron or vinyl, a critical part of any outdoor patio furniture are the cushions and fabric that are in direct contact with you, your guests, pets and of course the elements such as sun, rain and moisture.

Not surprising, eventually and especially after a season of your outdoor patio furniture cushions and fabrics will need to be cleaned in order to maintain it’s original look and feel. In addition, clean cushions and fabrics are essential in avoiding staining clothing or creating an environment for critters, mildew, dust and dirt to cling onto. It is advisable to keep outdoor patio furniture cushions and fabrics either covered or put away from the elements when not in use. The problem is, this is not a practical solution nor is it convenient. It just doesn’t make good sense for most of us.

So what to do?

Well, the realistic approach is to use a cover when not in use. Once again, this is not always feasible nor convenient. Since outdoor patio furniture cushions and fabrics are made to stand up to the outdoor elements it just makes practical sense to leave them in place and enjoy their comfort and convenient at all times.  At All Clean, we recommend to all homeowners who understand and enjoy all the pleasures of the outdoors and relaxing in their backyard outdoor patio furniture to:

  1. Have the outdoor furniture cushions and fabrics cleaned each season (end of the season is recommended)
  2. Use a cover to protect and keep the elements away when not in use
  3. Utilize a fabric protectant such as FiberShield® to extend and protect the fabrics properties
  4. Minimize outdoor furniture sun exposure as much as possible, when possible

All Clean is the leading outdoor patio furniture cushion and fabric cleaning company, providing quality service to residential clients throughout New York City, Westchester, Greenwich, Long Island and The Hamptons.

All Clean specializes in the the thorough cleaning of all types of outdoor furniture fabrics and materials. In addition to cleaning and putting away your furniture, All Clean can apply Fiber-Shield® fabric protectant to the surface of all your outdoor furniture fabric to seal and protect from the damaging elements of the outdoors. Once applied, Fiber-Shield® will provide a weather resistant barrier that water simply floats on on contact. The performance is like nothing else you’ve experienced before and will keep your cushions and fabrics from becoming soaked, saturated and mildewed.

What to expect from out outdoor patio cleaning service

Upon arriving at your home, our skilled technicians will inspection all your outdoor furniture cushions and fabrics to determine the best determine the condition and what degree of cleaning will be necessary. They will also determine the strength and quantity of cleaning fluids and agents that will be needed. All cushions will be removed and set aside to be cleaned. All furniture surfaces will be moved as need to best facilitate the cleaning process while avoiding disrupting any surroundings and other obstacles throughout the area. If necessary, we will move the furniture to a separate area to best facilitate safety and non-interference of the homeowners routine and concerns.

During the cleaning process, our team of certified technicians will delicately maneuver through the targeted areas with care and coordination to ensure all surfaces are covered and cleaned for complete uniformity. This is the level of experience and knowledge of textile cleaning methods that affords our team the confidence and ability to provide some of the best quality services for our clients.

With our extensive knowledge of the Fiber-Shield® carpet protection system, you can be confident that with an application spills, stains and everyday wear will no longer be a worry. Future carpet cleaning will also be much more effective with Fiber-Shield®. Learn more about Fiber-Shield® fabric protection.

The care and expertise you can trust

All outdoor patio cleaning services are performed with at least two certified technicians present. This ensures efficiency and the essential attention necessary for obtaining optimal results. We leave every job looking spotless and all items in place just the way it was upon our arrival.

We provide the finest outdoor patio furniture cleaning services throughout the Tri-State area including: New York City/Manhattan, Westchester, Fairfield County – Connecticut, Greenwich – Connecticut, the Hamptons – Long Island, Southampton-Long Island, Muttontown, Old Westbury, Eatons Neck, Sands Point, and areas of Northern-New Jersey. View the full list of the areas we serve.

New York Interior Designers trust our expertise

We work with may of New York’s top designers, estate managers to deliver top-notch service and results for their clients. We can also Fiber-Shield® your fabrics and textiles to protect the contents of newly renovated or furnished homes or apartments. Contact us to speak to a fabric cleaning professional.

ARE YOU READY to have your outdoor furniture professionally cleaned by the fabric cleaning experts? Call All Clean today at (516)-621-0524 or send us an Email inquiry. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide a no non-sense quote for your specific requirements.