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Professional Pet Odor Removal from Carpet

Professional pet odor removal from carpet, rugs, and upholstery is not a task for the inexperienced. Removing pet stains and odors from carpeting can be tricky, especially urine which has soaked through to the carpet backing, pad, or has even reached the sub-floor. The key to removing pet stains and odors is to first locate every possible source of the odor. We provide exceptional stain and odor removal for clients in Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Fairfield County, Greenwich Connecticut, and nearby areas.

Pet odor and stain removal – We understand that pet accidents happen, but that the resulting stains and odors from a cat or dog urine can seem impossible to eliminate. Regardless of how tough the stains may be, our team of highly-trained professionals can eliminate them entirely, along with the strong, unpleasant odor. If not treated properly, pet urine cannot only leave stains and odor in your carpets, it can also fade dyes and deteriorate carpet fibers. This is why it is essential to call our expert technicians quickly before the urine has an opportunity to become deeply embedded in the fibers and padding of your carpet, rug or upholstery.

What to expect when we get started – After locating all possible sources of the odor, the next step in our process is to ensure the pet odor contamination is documented and a strategy developed for treating the odor. In most cases, our technicians will use a very hot solution of a specialty urine odor cleaning agent. Poured directly onto the source it begins to work immediately by digesting the uric crystals in the urine. After allowing sufficient time for the pet odor treatment to work, the cleaning agent and the urine are rinsed during our normal cleaning process. In more severe cases where urine has reached the pad or sub-floor, additional steps will be necessary to remove the pet stain and odor. For extreme cases, stronger applications are available. Contact All Clean today, we will be happy to provide insights into these types of stronger applications.

ARE YOU READY to have your pet stain and odor removal task professionally attended to? Then call All Clean now with your questions or to schedule our technicians to your location. Call (516)-621-0524 or send us an email inquiry using our easy contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

IMPORTANT - Facts about animal biotic stains
Carpet pet odor removalNOTE - animal biotic stains - urine, feces and vomit are acidic. FiberShield® provides an available, odorless protectant that repels dirt, oil, alcohol and water based stains (IMPORTANT - excluding bleaches, acids, dyes and other extreme or unusual conditions). Fiber-Shield® will give some safe time but can never guarantee 100% removal of staining with these conditions. Owner/operator of All Clean wants you to know that natural textiles should always be Fiber-Shield® protected. We do not want to deceive you into thinking that Fiber-Shield® application will safeguard these textiles against biotic stains because this is not accurate. As stated above, at best, this protection will allow some safe time only.
Natures Miracle is accepted by All Clean for initial treatment prior to a service call
Natures Miracle pet odor and stain removerAll Clean never recommends the use of over the counter products for the treating and removal of pet stains and odor, however, Nature's Miracle is the only product that All Clean, after preliminary evaluation, will suggest can be use in the interim prior to a service call. Remember, a service is still essential to thoroughly neutralize the odor and extract it from deep within the textile, padding and or sub-surfaces.

For emergency inquiries regarding pet urine and odor removal call direct (516) 315-7895.
TIP - What you can do if your pet soil your carpet, area rug or upholstery?
(FOR WOOL or WATER SAFE TEXTILES ONLY) First, don't panic, but by all means don't ignore it:
  1. Immediately scoop up as much of the spill as possible.
  2. Take a terry cloth towel, place on the spill/stain, step and push into the towel until all moisture is transferred into towel. Do not rub.
  3. Place club soda/seltzer/water (whichever is available) into the stain, leave for 1 minute, repeat step 2 with fresh towel.
IMPORTANT: The above does not apply to hydrophobic textiles such as silk, linen, velvet, viscose, chenille, banana silk and others.
Pet odor removal home remedies
For bad pet odors in area rugs and carpeting, take one part white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. For water friendly textiles, shake and spray lightly on affected area. Then take baking soda and put a layer over the sprayed area. Let set for 10 minutes and the smell is gone! The vinegar gets rid of the ammonia in the urine and the baking soda neutralizes the vinegar odor. NOTE - All Clean does not assume responsibility for this approach. We always recommend contacting a cleaning professional such as All Clean or other reputable companies.