What is FiberShield®?
FiberShield® is a blended penetrating mixture of specialty polymers contained in a waterborne, or petroleum carrier - (Simply a means of uniformly "delivering the polymer") designed to protect fabrics and carpeting from waterborne, oilborne and soilborne elements.
How does FiberShield® work?
FiberShield® is applied under pressure at 40 psi. Once applied you can expect a dry time of approximately 3 hours (under normal humidity), and a CURE TIME of 24 - 72 hours. During this time FiberShield® works its way from the top to bottom of every fiber, coating, expanding, removing air spaces. This makes a spill or soil less likely to penetrate and stain the fibers, and therefore can be easily removed.
FiberShield® - where is it applied?
  • 1. On site - client’s home
  • 2. Off site - Our cleanroom/warehouse
Is FiberShield® safe around pets and children?
Yes, FiberShield® is a green product and is safe for pets and children. Containing no harmful additives, FiberShield® is blended in a controlled environment under strict quality control standards. All batches have retained samples which also affords the benefit of "NO" technician error, (no mixing required).
How long after application does FiberShield® begins to protect the fabric?
The protection and drying cycle starts within minutes after initial drying, increasing significantly after 24-hours, and reaches maximum stain repellency after 72 hours. Treated surfaces may be used once they are dry to the touch (normally 1 - 4 hours at normal room temperature).
Does FiberShield® block sun and UV rays?
No, though FiberShield® can help to protect your fabrics from sun and UV, it is not designed to block the suns rays or UV rays in that capacity. We recommend utilizing window tints and or curtains which can block 90% of sun and UV rays.
How long does FiberShield® last once it is applied?
It varys on overall use, wear and traffic, however you can expect FiberShield® to provide optimal protection for at least three years after application.
Is FiberShield® non-toxic?
Yes, FiberShield® is non-toxic and safe for pets.
Is FiberShield® hypo-allergenic?
Yes, FiberShield® is hypo-allergenic.
Is FiberShield® non-flammable?
Yes, FiberShield® is non-flammable and in many cases can retard or delay the onset of a flame on exposed fabrics or textiles that have been treated with FiberShield®.
How is All Clean and FiberShield® different from it's Competitors?

 How All Clean FiberShield® compares to the competition

Territory Products Cleaning Warehouse Services
FiberShield™ fabric protectant for rugs, upholstery, leather and more one company covers all territories OMS waterbase full service cleaning yes full time certified technicians
will travel in state out state - furnishing, draperies rug cleaning -
- - area rugs all fabrics -
- - blocking area rugs FiberShield®
- - FiberShield® application pre-treatment -
 Territory Products  Cleaning  Warehouse  Services
COMPETITOR 4 different franchises to cover territories OMS waterbase none none outsourced to 2nd party company
How long does it take for FiberShield® to dry?
Dry time 3 hours, cure time is 24 - 72 hours. Surface may be used after 3 hours of dry time.
FiberShield® fabric protectant
*IMPORTANT: FiberShield® provides an invisible, odorless protectant that repels dirt, oil, alcohol and water based stains (excluding bleaches, acids, dyes and other extreme or unusual conditions). FiberShield® will give some safe time but can never guarantee 100% against damages to valuable furnishings, area rugs and carpeting.