Fiber-Shield protectant application in NYC apartment

Fiber-Shield®, keep your textiles* looking like new!

Introducing Fiber-Shield® textile protectors, the Designers Choice for all their fabric and textile protection needs. An advanced textile soil and stain repellent, Fiber-Shield® is the finest liquid soil and stain repellent engineered with over 40 years of proven results on all types of fabrics and textiles. Professionally applied by All Clean’s trained technicians, Fiber-Shield® is designed to work on all type of carpets, rugs, upholstery, wall coverings, leather and much more from common household stains.  If you’ve ever experienced a spill or stain on your household fabric or textiles you know it usually means permanent damage to the textile or fabric. Whether it’s a stain from spilled wine, chocolate, dirt or soil, or abrasion, wear or traffic stain, Fiber-Shield® provides peace of mind from all kinds of stains, especially penetrating stains, abrasion and more.

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A protective barrier for your fabrics – 
If you’ve had to replace carpeting or upholsteries or similar items in your home due to spills or damaging stains, do not be afraid any longer. Now there is a way to give your furniture, upholstery, carpeting, and wall covering the protection it deserves with patented Fiber-Shield®. That’s because Fiber-Shield® textile soil and stain repellent works using state-of-the-art advanced patented polymers that surround each fiber in a protective barrier blocking the stain from penetrating the fibers. Treated fibers make it easier to clean with virtually total removal. In addition to the stain repellent qualities, Fiber-Shield® does not change the fire-retardant rating of the textile and usually improves it.

For all types of fabrics & textiles

Through many years of development, Fiber-Shield® is engineered to provide unsurpassed soil and stain repellent performance on virtually all types of area rugs, carpeting, upholstery, fabrics, and textiles while being safe and non-toxic** to small children, pets, and adults. Fiber-Shield® is the go-to product for everyday soils, stains, and wear, especially those in high traffic areas that are typically deep down and traditionally difficult to remove. Fiber-Shield’s® Advanced technology helps to retain the characteristics and textile without change to the fabric’s look, the feel or color.

* Textile means fabric or carpeting
** When dry

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Fiber-Shield® really works!

Yes! it does! Recognized by industry professionals, designers, design showrooms and architectural firms across the U.S, Europe, and many other countries – Fiber-Shield® treated textiles* and fabrics enable future cleanings of these items to be much more effective as the textile is far more resistant to staining. Treated fabrics and carpeting yield improved abrasion and UV resistance as well. Textiles will garner that deep-down protection on each and every fiber with virtually NO COLOR CHANGE. Fiber-Shield® is powerful so you can rest assured that your fabric or textile will be well protected against spills and stains for many years.

The patented state-of-the-art polymers in Fiber-Shield® will actively fight oil-based stains to help sustain the longevity and beauty of your investment. Fiber-Shield® is safe, non-toxic, NON-FLAMMABLE, and hypo-allergenic**. These properties make it safe for use virtually anywhere in your home. Unlike fabric protection products of the past, Fiber-Shield® contains no harmful chemical agents (i.e. harmful Silicones, or PFOS, PFOA, and PFAAS) that will stiffen the textile or cause yellowing of the fabric. Fiber-Shield® is recommended by industry professionals for new home furnishings, new carpeting (this ensures full protection is achieved at the onset) however, it can also be applied to recently cleaned items.

How is Fiber-Shield® applied? Fiber-Shield® textile soil and stain repellents are professionally applied to furnishings including all fine fabrics (cotton, velvet, wool, silk, leather), and all textiles by the licensed and certified technicians in the tri-state region – All Clean. All Clean has developed a long-standing relationship with the developers of Fiber- Shield® and is recognized as a qualified trained applicator for correctly applying Fiber- Shield® to delicate fabrics and textiles. Don’t trust your delicate and valuable textiles and furnishings to just anyone. We stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s the All Clean Difference!

Protecting the materials that enrich your life

Soiled area rugs, carpeting, upholstery, furniture, and fabrics can occur from normal day-to- day activities, wear, and occasional accidents. These accidents can and will eventually damage valuable furnishings, area rugs, and carpeting throughout your home, requiring complete and costly replacement. With Fiber-Shield® area rug and textile soil and stain repellents there is now a smart way to give your carpeting, area rugs, furniture, and fabrics the protection they deserve – long lasting protection against staining, fading, soiling and abrasion that can reduce the appearance and performance of valuable textiles.

Fiber-Shield® area rug soil and stain repellents are a solid investment in your valuable area rugs, furniture, and fabrics. An application of this patented protectant builds on the lasting beauty throughout the fabric and provides long-lasting enjoyment, durability, and resistance to everyday stains and abrasion. Your furnishings will continue to look new for far

longer! Read what Interior Designer Linda Blair has to say about Fiber-Shield®.

All Clean is the exclusive Fiber-Shield® provider

Fiber-Shield® is used by interior designers, architectural firms and design showrooms throughout the home decorating industry. With years of proven results and reliability, industry professionals recommend the Fiber-Shield® brand to their clients. Designers know that applying Fiber-Shield® from the onset to penetrate and protect their client’s carpeting, rugs, upholsteries, draperies and more is the most effective way to achieve ultimate protection and preservation. At All Clean, we use our 30 years of experience and service expertise to ensure quality, reliability and top-notch service for our Fiber-Shield® clients. We do more than just protect your delicate fabric and textiles!

You get more than just fabric protection with All Clean – That’s the All Clean Difference!  

* Textile means fabric or carpeting
** When dry.

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rug cleaning
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“Professionally applied finishes are different from current do-it-yourself spray-can coatings. Commercially applied finishes such as Fiber-Shield® penetrate fabric, bond to fibers and can last for years; spray-can finishes merely coat the fabric and can wear away within months. “

New York Times article, Sept 1996

Fiber-Shield® fabric stain protectant is accepted by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Rely on All Clean is an industry partner (IP) member of the ASID and an authorized applicator of Fiber-Shield®.

*IMPORTANT: Fiber-Shield® provides an invisible, odorless protectant that repels dirt, oil, alcohol and water-based stains (excluding bleaches, acids, dyes and other extreme or unusual conditions). Fiber-Shield® will give some safe time but can never guarantee 100% against damages to valuable furnishings, area rugs and carpeting.
Honesty and experience you can count on
"In purchasing a new couch from ABC Home in New York City I fell in love with a pearl velvet. I was let known by the staff at ABC Home that this fabric was high maintenance, but I was trying to figure out a way to get it anyway, hoping a Fiber-Shield® coating would really protect it from daily life, kids and parties!

Calling All Clean Carpet and in speaking with Bill Flanagan, he gave me a great deal of wisdom about the reality of this fabric. He was happy that the ABC Home Staff was so honest about how it wears. He too said it would be very difficult to maintain - even protected by his company!

He recommended looking into a fabric we liked for the couch that would be more durable...We will think about this carefully now! His honesty and straight forward care was so refreshing. I will definitely use them no matter which fabric I buy the couch in."

Abigail - New York City
January 2014
What are the experts saying about Fiber-Shield®?
"Using All Clean Carpet, Inc.'s trained professionals makes really good sense, keeps allergies at bay and enables people to use their furnishings for a very long time. My grandmother's custom sofa was 12 years old when she gave it to me; I recovered it and we maintained it successfully for 30 more."
A company with a "Total Cycle Care" system
Finally a company with a “Total Cycle Care” system that will retain that new installation look for years of enjoyment in a clean and healthy environment. Only one company offers this - All Clean. We are “Committed to Trade”, member ASIO, Franklin Report, and ASCR.

Our services and our message is about our commitment to the industry and the clients we serve.
A lifetime care is our warranty
Unlike our competitors, All Clean affords their clients with a lifetime emergency spotting service and precision cleaning. Their application of Fiber-Shield® is performed by certified, highly trained cleaning technicians who are also full-time employees. These are the same technicians who will be at your home to perform “emergency maintenance” or eventual “precision cleaning” when needed. There are no subcontractors, no generic white vans. Just the dedicated staff and technicians who truly love what they do and who you know and recognize.