Mom and daughter on carpet after thorough steam cleaning in New York City

Professional Steam Cleaning for Carpets

All Clean has been providing high-end clients with professional steam carpet cleaning services for over 30 years. Steam cleaning for carpets is one of our specialty; providing expert service, techniques and optimal results for penetrating deep into the carpet fibers to break up oil and dirt on the surface and within the base.

“Vacuuming is not cleaning your carpeting”

All Clean cleaning carpet with steamThat is correct, vacuuming is not cleaning your carpeting – Vacuuming your carpets is effective for removing surface dirt and dust, but cleaning deep down in the fibers to remove even the most difficult stains requires professional carpet steam cleaning. Textiles such as area rugs and carpets benefit greatly from the powerful deep-cleaning properties of steam. Steam is capable of removing dirt and filth completely down to the carpet pad by loosening and releasing oils and dirt to be sucked up by the cleaning machine.

Whether you have solidified stains such as candle wax, glue, sticky sauces, or other hard-to-remove stains such as red wine or pet urine, rely on our professionals to leave your area rug or carpets looking clean and beautiful, with a fresh clean smell that’s also healthier for your family.

At All Clean, we provide unparalleled results for the most demanding clients throughout New York City, Greenwich Connecticut, Westchester, the East End of Long Island including the Hamptons. At All Clean is courteous, Professional, Fast, Clean, and have a three-decade track record.  Don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our clients are saying, and check out our rating on The Franklin Report website or (see below).

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All Clean is highly rated by The Franklin Report
Franklin Report rating of All Clean services
How does the power of steam cleaning work to get your carpet clean?
All Clean cleaning carpet with steamDirt and grime have adhesive qualities that enable them to stick onto all types of surfaces such as fabrics and carpet fibers. The heat created by the steam melts the adhesive on the fabric and the dampness of the steam then dilutes and loosens the adhesive enabling the cleaning equipment to clean the fibers and remove the dirt. That's the power of steam cleaning! Contact All Clean. today at 516-621-0524 to have your carpet steam cleaned
Fiber-Shield® protects and make future carpet cleaning and stain removal easier
Fiber-Shield® is scientifically engineered to provide lasting protection for all your carpet and upholstery. Once applied future cleanings will be more effective. Treated fibers and fabrics provide improved abrasion resistance to wear. Fiber-Shield® deep-down protection provides unsurpassed performance on each and every fiber, with no color change - and it will not wear off! Fiber-Shield's® state-of-the-art polymers fight oil-based stains to further the longevity and beauty of your carpet and upholstery. Fiber-Shield® is a protection system that really works!
* Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) Recommended
* No other method can penetrate as deeply or remove stains and soil as thoroughly as steam