All Clean fabric and textile cleaning in Manhattan brownstone in the upper east sideFor over 30 years All Clean has been providing high-quality fabric, and textile cleaning, restoration, protection and storage for residential clients throughout Manhattan/NYC, Westchester, Greenwich Connecticut, and The Hamptons. In addition, All Clean works with some of New York’s most respected interior designers, design showrooms, architectural firms, and custom furniture makers.

Their experience and education of their staff set them apart from their competition. However, their most precious assets are their PRIORITY and their REPUTATION… “we have the guts to fail”

All Clean specializes in the cleaning and care of delicate fabric and textile restoration. FiberShield® Fabric Protectant LogoThey also provide ongoing maintenance for estates, large homes, brownstones, and second homes. They will meet with interior designers, estate managers, and staff upon request to guide and instruct on troubleshooting for the proper care of delicate and expensive textiles and antique rugs. They are also the exclusive provider of FiberShield® advanced fabric and textile protectant. They can provide a complete fabric and textile protection for the entire content of a newly designed furnished home or apartment. They have many high-end referrals and can provide them upon request!

All Cleans offers 14 high-quality fabric and textile cleaning services including – cleaning, restoration, and FiberShield® Fabric Protectant application for all soft goods. Their experienced certified technicians provide the highest level of service in the industry. They use only the safest, non-toxic industry recommended cleaning products.

Read what designer Linda Blair has to say about All Clean’s fabric and textile cleaning services

Interior designer Linda Blair ASID of Blair Interior Group“Using All Clean’s trained professionals makes really good sense, keeps allergies at bay and enables people to use their furnishings for a very long time. My grandmother’s custom sofa was 12 years old when she gave it to me; I recovered it and we maintained it successfully for 30 more.” 

Linda Blair, ASID – Blair Interior Group Limited
New York City, NY>

Quality Fabric and Textile Cleaning from All Clean

FiberShield® Patented Fabric and Textile Protection System

The FiberShield® fabric protection system is a patented advanced technology that when applied to your fine fabrics, provides superior quality protection. FiberShield® is one of the finest fabric protection systems in the world. FiberShield® is used exclusively by All Clean for its unsurpassed quality protection and performance.

Carpet Cleaning

Their certified technicians perform an inspection that will help determine the best method to properly clean your carpet. They also prepare all furnishings prior to the cleaning process. Your carpets receive the highest level of cleaning and care available.

Rug Cleaning

They have experience with all types of the most valuable area rugs including – Oriental, Persian, Dhurrie, Tibetan, Indian, Aubusson, Kerman and Portuguese. Our rug cleaning services are performed on-site. They can also clean and treat your rug at our hi-tech warehouse as part of our warehouse services.

Upholstery Cleaning

Their certified technicians are equipped to properly clean or treat any type of fabric (including leather) ensuring your fabric is properly cleaned.

Window Treatment Cleaning

Removal of dirt, dust, and odors helps to prevent the deterioration of fabric. The certified All Clean Carpet technicians are specially trained to ensure all dirt, dust, and odors are removed.

Drapery Cleaning and Protection

Prolonged exposure to dirt, dust, stains, and sunlight can substantially shorten the life of your draperies. Regular drapery cleaning is a great way to add years to the life and beauty of your drapery. It is also a cost-effective and easy alternative to replacement.

Wall Fabric Cleaning

Their certified wall fabric cleaning technicians are trained to properly assess and treat the fabric. Our technicians will always do a pre-inspection to determine the proper fabric and textile cleaning method so the textiles will be cleaned most effectively,  including the most delicate silks. Pre-spot cleaning for any stains, if necessary, will be handled with care based on the stain and the fabric.

Spot and Stain Removal

Regular cleaning and treatment can help your rug and carpeting last for years to come. All Clean technicians are experts in removing spots and stains from your rug or carpeting. Their deep cleaning method can remove almost any spot or stain with unbelievable results.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the preferred method used for carpet cleaning throughout your home. All Clean specializes in carpet steam cleaning using professional grade equipment and safe solutions. Their certified technicians are expert carpet steam cleaners and can clean and treat all your fine fabrics leaving them like new.

Ultra Carpet Steam Cleaning

All Clean provides the next level of steam cleaning – Ultra Steam Cleaning – with our 8-step process, your carpet will be inspected, pre-vacuumed, conditioned, hand groomed and fan dried like new. FiberShield® fabric protection is also available as a part of the ultra steam cleaning process.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

If you have pets, you probably have pet stains. Pet stains can be tricky and should be treated as soon as possible to ensure the best and thorough removal. All Clean provides the utmost in pet stain and odor removal. Their methods ensure bacteria is removed and the area sanitized ensuring an odor-free result.

Carpet Deodorizing

Carpet, Area Rugs, Drapery, and Upholstery – All Clean Carpet will locate and remove the source of foul smells coming from your carpet or upholsteries. The best time to deodorize carpeting or upholstery is immediately after a professional cleaning. Call All Clean and have us deodorize your carpet and upholstery to leave them smelling like new.

Deep Soil Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Deep soil hot water extraction utilizes a hot water extraction cleaning method for deep extraction of dirt and stains below the carpet. This process is ideal for high traffic areas that regular cleaning just cannot remove. All Clean provides deep soil extraction carpet cleaning for your most frequently trafficked areas. Learn more about our deep soil extraction service

Carpet Allergy Neutralizer

All Clean rug and carpet blower for fabric and textile cleaningFor carpet, area rugs, upholstery – professional cleaning using an anti-allergen application removes the sources of allergies within your home. These include – carpet beetles, moths and many more. All Clean can rid your home of these troublesome pests and get you back to normal.

Warehouse Cleaning and Restoration Services (Clean Room Facility)

Like nothing you’ve experienced before – All Clean warehouse services provide the convenience of off-site fabric and textile cleaning of all your fine area rugs, window treatments, draperies, and other fine fabrics. We pick up, clean, treat and deliver your valuable pieces to your door.