Window Treatment Cleaning

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Clean and prolong the life of your window treatments with All Clean Carpet Inc.'s expert window treatment cleaning process available in Manhattan NYC, Greenwich, Westchester, Long Island and the Hamptons.

Our certified technicians can help to significantly prolong the life of your window treatments using our specialized cleaning and protection methods. Our window treatment cleaning process carefully removes dirt, dust, and odors to help avoid the deterioration of the fabric. If the window treatments need to be removed for proper cleaning, our skilled technicians will remove and carefully set aside each item. Our professionals will always properly re-hang the window treatments upon completion of the cleaning process. Note: All Clean Carpet, Inc. reserves the right to refuse take-down and re-hanging depending on complexity.

All Clean Carpet, Inc.’s expert window treatment cleaning methods will keep your window treatments looking like new! The Fiber-Shield® protection system is always available and can protect the window treatment from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun!

ARE YOU READY to have your window treatments professionally cleaned? Call us today (516)-621-0524 or, fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about your window treatment cleaning project.

Drapery Cleaning

bedroom with drapery cleaning Let All Clean's highly trained and certified technicians safely clean your draperies

Prolonged exposure to dirt, dust, stains, and sunlight can substantially shorten the life of your draperies. Regular drapery cleaning is a great way to add years to the life and beauty of your drapery. It is also a cost effective and easy alternative to replacement.

Our truck-mounted drapery cleaning system arrives at your location equipped with multiple types of upholstery tools and state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment that effectively removes the difficult stains that occur from everyday use. Our dry cleaning method protects against fabric watermarks and shrinkage leaving your drapery just like new.

For maximum performance and life, All Clean Carpet, Inc. recommends cleaning your drapery every 2 to 3 years. Our drapery cleaning process is available throughout NY, Connecticut, Fairfield, Westchester, Manhattan, Long Island, the Hamptons and all of the East End.

Protect your Window Treatments and Draperies with the Fiber-Shield® Fabric Protection System

Fiber-Shield® protection is ideal for all window treatment. Fiber-Shield® protects fabrics from abrasions, stains, fading, liquids, and wear. Fiber-Shield® provides the deep-down protection on each and every fiber with no color change - and it will not wear off, making follow-up cleaning more effective. Fiber-Shield's® state-of-the-art polymers fight oil-based stains to further the longevity and beauty of your window treatments. Fiber-Shield® is a protection system that really works!

How to help Protect Your Window Treatments and Draperies

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Reduce sun exposure - This can be accomplished by using blinds, shades or window tint. Over time the sun can fade the fabric and dry rotting can occur.

Avoid excessive humidity -Avoid subjecting your draperies to excessive humid conditions. Excessive humidity can shrink or cause stretching of the fabric.

Avoid water coming in contact with your drapes. Water from spills or condensation can cause stains or stretching of the fabric.


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