Warehouse Services

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All Clean Carpet now provides warehouse services, making it possible for our cleaning technicians to properly and thoroughly clean your rugs, drapes, slipcovers and other fabrics in a controlled cleaning environment, while you enjoy the convenience of off-site cleaning. We do the cleaning using our special equipment uniquely designed to clean and groom your fine area rugs. Warehouse Services offers these unique features:

Restoration of Antique, Custom and Vintage Rugs:

At All Clean Carpet we have found that clients really enjoy having their fine rugs cleaned off-site for a variety of reasons. Having a company come into your home to perform the cleaning process can at times be inconvenient and even a hassle for some. Our warehouse services take away all of the negatives of having someone come into your home to perform the cleaning, while you enjoy beautiful, fresh rugs that look like new.

Many Other Services Available:
Call or Email Eileen in our office at 516-621-0524 | E-Mail: eileen@allcleancarpetinc.com

All Clean Carpet specializes in Antique and semi-Antique Oriental and wool rug restoration. We work directly with the Oriental Rug Trade. Please feel free to call John directly at (516)-315-7895 with any questions, or Email photos to john@allcleancarpetinc.com

Protect your fabrics with Fiber-Shield®

Fiber-Shield® TechnologyFor your convenience, Fiber-Shield® can be effectively applied at our warehouse facility. We use the same techniques to apply Fiber-Shield® to furnishings, area rugs, all fine fabrics (cotton, velvet, wool, silk, leather), and all upholstery. Once applied future cleanings will be more effective. Treated fibers and fabrics demonstrate improved abrasion resistance (wear). Fiber-Shield® provides deep-down protection on each and every fiber with no color change, and it will not wear off, making follow-up cleaning more effective. The Fiber-Shield® protection system really works!

The Convenience of Warehouse Service from All Clean Carpet, Inc.

Warehouse Services

All Clean Carpet, Inc. can clean and store your valuable rug in our very own warehouse clean room facility. Our cleanrooms are equipped with the latest technology for optimum performance and efficiency. If you are thinking about the convenience of warehouse service look no further. We will pick up your rug, transport it to our facility, clean it, dry it and deliver it back to your home like new. Why not inquire about our warehouse services now?

Call Eileen or John today, they are available to answer all your questions and more.

Fiber-Shield® our state-of-the-art polymers fight oil-based stains to further the longevity and beauty of your investment. Read more about this amazing product and how it can extend the life of your fabrics.institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification Logo
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