FiberShield and FiberSeal Comparison - All Clean Carpet Cleaning Rug Restoration NY, NJ, CT
Territory Products Cleaning Warehouse Services
FiberShield™ fabric protectant for rugs, upholstery, leather and more one company covers all territories OMS waterbase full service cleaning yes full time certified technicians
will travel in state out state OMS oilbase furnishing, draperies rug cleaning -
- - area rugs all fabrics -
- - blocking area rugs FiberShield®
- - FiberShield® application pre-treatment -
 Territory Products  Cleaning  Warehouse  Services
fiberseal logo 4 different franchises to cover territories OMS waterbase none none outsourced to 2nd party company

FiberShield® Logo All Clear Carpet, Inc. Fabric Protectant

Two companies, similar products, but there is a difference! All Clean is one company with all the services you need. That is the All Clean FiberShield® difference!

What is the difference between All Clean FiberShield® and Fiber-Seal®? We receive many calls from Designers and prospective clients asking us that question. We are happy to answer! We acknowledge that the Fiber-Seal® product is well accepted and they operate a successful franchise providing products similar to FiberShield® in chemical makeup, but also proprietary in nature just like us. Beyond the names, however, what are the differences?

All Clean FiberShield® Area Coverage – All Clean is a private non-franchised company serving the Metro New York, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, Long Island and Southern Connecticut regions on an everyday basis. All Clean has also completed projects in Palm Beach Fl., Marco Island Fl., Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Newport, Rhode Island. We will travel! This is important when choosing a service provider in your territory.

Fiber-Seal® Area Coverage – Fiber-Seal®, on the other hand, is a franchise with four Fiber-Seal® franchises in this territory. There is New Jersey Fiber-Seal®, Fiber-Seal® Metro (Manhattan only), Long Island Fiber-Seal® and Fiber-Seal® Connecticut. If you are a Designer in the metro area which would be your choice?

Spotting Warranties – Both All Clean FiberShield® and Fiber-Seal® offers an 18-month spotting warranty. As a full-service cleaning company, however, All Clean FiberShield® can clean everything they protect. Fiber-Seal®, on the other hand, is an application only franchise which means all other services are contracted out to other companies. Their spotting warranty, for example, is provided by a second party cleaning company and can vary in all aspects. With this model should there be unseen problems or damage of your client’s furniture of textiles, who is responsible? Mmmmmmm!

Certified Trained Technicians – All Clean FiberShield® is staffed by American Society of Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) certified highly trained technicians who are also full-time employees. They are visible throughout the tri-state region in their fully wrapped mobile vans. All Clean FiberShield® offers a state-of-the-art cleanroom warehouse/work room facility capable of treating bulk fabrics or any other fabrics requiring pre-treatment, cleaning, drying, restoration, and storage. Fiber-Seal® is an application company so they simply apply protectant to fabrics or textiles. In contrast, All Clean FiberShield® is a full-service company performing both cleaning, application, and restoration – That is the All Clean FiberShield® difference!