Testimonial - Linda Blair, ASID, NYSCID

Linda Blair - Designer ASID

Often some of the most expensive items in a home are soft. They attract dust, dirt, pet and food stains, all kinds of unwanted blemishes. How remarkable it is, then, that Fiber-Shield® - applied before the damage occurs - sets up a perfect rescue!

With four decades of practicing high end residential interior design behind her, this award winning designer stakes her reputation on the magic of Fiber-Shield® - standards that are hard to beat, service that pushes the bar. Why expect anything less?

Cherishing our furnishings makes even more sense in today's fragile economy. As a third generation designer I cherish mine and those I've inherited. I couldn't afford to replace my upholstery, flooring and window treatments and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to do so.

Fiber Shield® works miracles. It's safe, effective and easily performed by skilled technicians. It doesn't change the "hand" of a textile or its "color". It keeps out pollutants and dirt or makes them easily removable.

While the patina of antiques often grows better with age, dirty materials just keep getting dirtier. Protecting before with Fiber-Shield® - or using All Clean's trained professionals after - makes really good sense, keeps allergies at bay and enables people to use their furnishings for a very long time. My grandmother's custom sofa was 12 years old when she gave it to me; I recovered it and we maintained it successfully for 30 more.

I can easily attest to the importance of good care and maintenance. Conservation of coverings should be a goal for all of us. No matter how challenging environmental issues are, there's ALWAYS room for great products and skilled craftsman.

Linda Blair - ASID
Manhattan, NYC

Linda Blair, ASID, NYSCID is a two time past president of ASID New York Metro and author of Design Sense, A Guide to Getting the Most From Your Interior Design Investment and a column for the New York Post.ASAD Logo